Java Unit Testing Tool Competition - Eighth Round


We report on the results of the eighth edition of the Java unit testing tool competition. This year, two tools, EvoSuite and Randoop, were executed on a benchmark with (i) new classes under test, selected from open-source software projects, and (ii) the set of classes from one project considered in the previous edition. We relied on an updated infrastructure for the execution of the different tools and the subsequent coverage and mutation analysis based on Docker containers. We considered two different time budgets for test case generation: one an three minutes. This paper describes our methodology and statistical analysis of the results, presents the results achieved by the contestant tools and highlights the challenges we faced during the competition. The paper is available at

Jul 2, 2020 14:30 — 15:00
Xavier Devroey
Xavier Devroey
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include search-based and model-based software testing, test suite augmentation, DevOps, and variability-intensive systems engineering.