Software Testing

An Empirical Evaluation of Regular and Extreme Mutation Testing for Teaching Software Testing

Teaching software testing can be challenging due to low student interest, high cognitive load, and lack of alignment with industry needs. Previous research has attempted to address these challenges by using mutation testing, which involves …

JUGE: An infrastructure for benchmarking Java unit test generators

Researchers and practitioners have designed and implemented various automated test case generators to support effective software testing. Such generators exist for various languages (e.g., Java, C#, or Python) and various platforms (e.g., desktop, …


The CyberExcellence project started in January 2022 under the umbrella of the CyberWal initiative and is funded by the Walloon region. It aims to position Wallonia as a major player in cybersecurity on the national and international map by developing a core framework allowing the implementation of solutions based on practical and thoughtful cybersecurity with a competitive advantage.

TestEd 2020

Last Wednesday (28/10/2020), I attended the first edition of the Software Testing Education Workshop, co-located with ICST 2020. The workshop was initially supposed to be held in Porto. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions, ICST and all the workshops had to be held over Zoom.

Software Testing AMPlification (EU H2020 STAMP)

STAMP aims at bringing test automation and amplification to the DevOps world. During my postdoc at TU Delft, I assumed the daily supervision and coordination of the scientific work package *runtime amplification* and the edition of the TU Delft deliverables.

Test them all, is it worth it? Assessing configuration sampling on the JHipster Web development stack

Many approaches for testing configurable software systems start from the same assumption: it is impossible to test all configurations. This motivated the definition of variability-aware abstractions and sampling techniques to cope with large …

Effective and efficient API misuse detection via exception propagation and search-based testing

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) typically come with (implicit) usage constraints. The violations of these constraints (API misuses) can lead to software crashes. Even though there are several tools that can detect API misuses, most of them …

Big Software on the Run (3TU BSR)

BSR aims at developing novel techniques and tools to analyse software systems in vivo - making it possible to visualize behaviour, create models, check conformance, predict problems, and recommend corrective actions.

Variability Intensive system Behavioural teSting (VIBeS)

VIBeS is the framework I developed during my PhD thesis to generate test-cases from models of variability-intensive systems.

Yo variability! JHipster: a playground for web-apps analyses

Though variability is everywhere, there has always been a shortage of publicly available cases for assessing variability-aware tools and techniques as well as supports for teaching variability-related concepts. Historical software product lines …