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Book chapters

  • Englebert, V., Devroey, X. (to appear in 2020). Modéliser. In L’informatique expliquée aux enseignants. J. Henry and F. Boraita, (Eds.). Politeia.

  • Cordy, M., Devroey, X., Legay, A., Perrouin, G., Classen, A., Heymans, P., Schobbens, P.-Y., Raskin, J.-F. (2019). A Decade of Featured Transition Systems. In From Software Engineering to Formal Methods and Tools, and Back. M.H. ter Beek, A. Fantechi, and L. Semini (Eds.). LNCS 11865, pp. 285–312. Springer.

Workshops and other publications